What’s in Our Fuel?



Executive Chef John Savarese

At Fuel For Fit, we focus on applying the best cooking techniques by our very own Executive Chef and Founder, John Savarese. Chef John, a Florida Culinary Institute honors graduate, has had great success in his 20 years in the culinary field. Chef John was the Executive Chef at the Flagler Steakhouse at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach and the Italian Restaurant for eight years. It was here that Chef John received the DiRoNa Award. He was also the Executive Sous Chef at the Addison Reserve Country Club for four years. Chef John’s experience and soul is infused into our monthly menu, and you can be sure your food will include a touch of fine dining expertise.


The makeup of your meals affects its taste, but more importantly, it affects your health. We focus on providing the cleanest and purest ingredients available. We only use the best quality protein from all natural resources sourced in the United States.

  • No growth hormones, no antibiotics
  • No inferior fats, no inferior oils
  • No butter, no cream
  • No preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors
  • No sugar substitutes, no added sugars
    (only naturally occurring sugars)
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Produce from local farms
  • Fresh food, never frozen
  • High end cooler-bags, sweat-free ice packs
  • BPA free recyclable containers

We think it’s safe to say, our menu consists of the most natural food you’ll ever eat!

Transparency & Traceability

Millions of people around the world are consuming endless amounts of food each day without any prior knowledge of where the food is coming from. We are so concerned with the kinds of medications, drugs, or smoke that enters our bodies, but when it comes to food, most of us have no idea what we are consuming!

Transparency: At Fuel For Fit we believe each client should know exactly what they are eating and exactly where it is coming from. We are the only meal prep company that provides each dish with a precise, USDA certified nutrition label. The labels are simple, but comprehensive – every macro and micro nutrient is accounted for, as well as each and every ingredient.

Sample Fuel For Fit
USDA Certified Nutrition Label


Traceability: We provide links to the websites of each farm and company that we get our food from. This way, you can trace your meal back to its source and understand exactly how the foods were treated prior to your purchase.


Each meal comes with a protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a vegetable dish – the perfect balance of foods necessary to fuel your body throughout the day. We also have over 60 combinations of meals on our menu each month, and our menu changes every month, so you’re always looking forward to your next meal!

Portioned Meticulously By Experts

The bottom line is, aside from tasting good and clean, our food is functional – and it works. This is because each meal is custom designed by our chef to meet the needs of our clients. Say you are trying to bulk up to make a higher weight class for your wrestling tournament. Our PRO meals (8oz, 10oz, or 12oz) contain the exact amounts of proteins and complex carbohydrates required to properly fuel your workouts. Or, if you’d like to lose weight, get lean and stay lean, our 4oz or 8oz meals will provide your body with the necessary nutrients to boost your metabolism’s functionality.